Retail Management:

Figsoft Retail Management is an included system that offers stores a single centralized place to control point of Sale, stock control and more, all tailor-made to every store's unique needs. Figsoft answers offers shops the maximum up-to-date technology to be had for a diffusion of retail programs.

The solution can be configured for a number of retail segments, along with clothing, present stores, hardware stores, electronics, workplace components and much more. it's perfect for growing retailers that want strong functionality and complete control of operations and personnel, which includes throughout more than one registers or locations.

The control center allows users to control the diverse gadget capabilities, turning them on or off depending on the store's desires. those changes take effect at once. inventory is strictly controlled through the "stock Matrix", which permits customers to alter stock with out gaining access to any of the alternative modules, creating buy orders or shipping manifests, alternate item pricing, print barcodes and labels, categorize inventory and extra.

Figsoft Solutions consists of a reporting module that gives a variety of views and analyses, with recommendations for markups, transfers and purchase orders to make certain smooth operations.

Figsoft Retails Management Major Modules

  • Store administration and management
  • Inventory and stock management
  • Managing of receipts
  • Customer service
  • Sales promotion
  • Procurement Management


Why  Figsoft Retail Management:

  • The Figsoft Retails Management keep record of all the products coming into the store.
  • The Figsoft Retails Management mange rack wise allocation of items with the help of Figsoft Retails Management products must be well arranged on the assigned shelves according to size, color, gender, patterns etc.
  • You can Plan the store layout well.
  • Figsoft Retails Management range of products available at the store divided into small groups comprising of similar products. Such groups are called categories. So that you can simply click on report up to a particular category and look for products without much assistance.
  • A unique SKU code assigned to each and every product for easy tracking.
  • Necessary labels put on the shelves the help of Figsoft Retails Management.
  • Ensure enough stock is available at the store.
  • The store manager, department managers, cashier and all other employees should be trained from time to time to extract the best out of them.
  • Easy to assign roles and responsibilities.
  • Daily sales report to keep a track of the cash flow. Maintain registers for the same.
  • Sales Return can be easily managed by Figsoft Retails Management.