What is POS?

The POS (Point of Sale) is the time and region where a retail transaction is finished. it is the factor at which a patron makes a price to the merchant in alternate for items or after provision of a provider. at the point of sale, the service provider could prepare an invoice for the consumer (which can be a cash sign in printout) or otherwise calculate the amount owed with the aid of the customer and offer alternatives for the client to make payment. After receiving payment, the merchant will even usually trouble a receipt for the transaction. usually the receipt is printed, but it's miles increasingly more being dispensed electronically.

Why FigSoft POS ?

We realize choosing a POS system can be an amazing manner. That’s why our crew of software advisors provide unfastened cellphone consultations that will help you construct a shortlist of POS systems which are an excellent fit on your commercial enterprise. let them assist you choose a device with these five must-have equipment to simplify and streamline your keep operations—and assist your business develop.

Provides an easy to use Solutions:

FigSoft POS software program has been helping agencies with their stock, point of sale,customers and order monitoring. FigSoft POS is straightforward to install, cheaper and has many powerful capabilities that most POS answers charge hundreds of bucks for. Use your current pc or one of the many uniqueness point of sale all-in-one workstations.

Can grow with your business :

As your business grows FigSoft can offer the tools you need to take your single area commercial enterprise to more than one locations with Replication actual-time records synchronization.

Provides you with cards/Loyality/Coupans processing :

FigSoft POSsoftware has included with playing cards/Loyality/Coupans with service provider account offerings and absolutely integrated answer for credit score card and digital price processing etc

Can link you to your e-commerce site:

in case you need to hyperlink your existing e-commerce site's sales and stock to FigSoft POS or want a entire design crew that will help you together with your e-commerce, FigSoft can provide you integrated pos in your e-trade website. FigSoft Pos is also real-time order processing and item management in your e-commerce site.

Works with Equipment to Match Your Store's Design:

whether or not you want just the software program and use general windows printers for receipts and barcode labels otherwise you want barcode scanners,receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode label printers, shows, scanner/scales or a whole bundled solution, FigSoft will work for you.

FigSoft POS Major Modules:

sales Reporting and Analytics:  sales reporting and analytics functionality lets in you to seize and examine your shop’s income data. not handiest does this routinely maintain track of what’s selling nicely, it additionally suggests how a good deal sales you’re making on each product. This permits you to perceive and consciousness on riding income for your pinnacle money-making objects.

With one click of a button, you could see what our sales were for that day, what our returns were and how we’re doing on inventory.

Customer Management: customer control capabilities allow outlets to proactively boom the amount of fantastic customers. those packages accumulate statistics in your customers’ purchase histories, allowing you to identify your maximum treasured customers based on their spend.

Inventory Management:

Revel offers client profiles, buy history and factors tracking, which provide key insights into your clients’ buying conduct

Employee Management:  employee control is a key element of a properly-run retail enterprise. In FigSoft POS employee control abilities, such as shift scheduling and time clocks, keep tune of the hours personnel are operating. FigSoft Pos can also assign sales commissions to personnel. main benefits of FigSoft Pos include their ability to lessen overhead and to provide employees with smooth access to their schedules.

ShopKeep gives some of approaches to hold tune of personnel, consisting of worker logins, time clocks and personnel lists to song hours worked throughout a given pay period

Inventory Management:  managing the quantity of on-site inventory plays a critical role in the achievement of your shop. FigSoft Pos stock management abilities come up with an on-call for window into your stock. This permits you to do away with inefficiencies, such as manually counting stock and digging through “the lower back” for a particular item.

Vend permits you to view specified facts for every object in stock, including charge, amount and provider codes

Point of Sale:  seeing that checkout serves because the primary interplay among you and your customers, it’s crucial that nothing is going incorrect at this level. FigSoft POS device reduces the ability for human errors by using automating such checkout responsibilities as item appearance-up and fee calculation.

Cashier live offers functionality to simplify your transaction method, including barcode scanning, inventory appearance-up, credit card processing and receipt printing

FigSoft Pos Major Features :

Sales Features
  • Works with touch screens/systems and non-touch screen based systems
  • Multi Type of Discount Rules
  • Recurring billing with card
  • Wish List/Gift Registry
  • VAT for countries that support a Value Added Tax
  • Support Multi Currency.
  • Promotion Code/Coupons Tracking
  • Open Orders/Shipment statusTracking
  • Gift Cards built right into the program (no additional fees)
  • Barcode printing and tracking
  • Open multiple sales screens
  • Line item consolidation
  • Consolidated item listing
  • Serial number tracking
  • Layaways
  • Split payment media. Handle all those Visa gift cards being used for payment.
Customer Features
  • Membership Cards management
  • House Accounts and Invoicing
  • Birthday and Interest Tracking
  • Activity Manager to track customer contact histories
  • Customer E-Mailing
  • Price Level Discounting Rules
  • Loyalty Program
Inventory Features
  • Pick List
  • Barcode-based Pricing Labels
  • Receiving Histories
  • Purchase Orders auto-generated by Minimums and Maximums or Sales
  • Stock Number to allow you to setup and sell faster
  • Scales and Variable Weight Barcodes (Deli Scale Barcodes)
  • Support Multi Unit
  • Multi price fields - Allows you to set up customers for price level discounting.
  • Physical Inventory Collection System for Inventory and Sales, Purchase Order and Transfer Order generation
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Packages for Case Lot Tracking and Splitting
  • Case Lot Tracking and Splitting
  • Alternate Code Lookups including UPC/SKU fields
  • Location Tracking/Rack Tracking
  • Transfers and Transfer Order Creation for Multi-location environments
  • Hundreds of preconfigured reports with many filters to better enable you to get the information out of FigSoft Pos you need to reorder, sell and manage your customers.
  • Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, or direct mail file formats.
  • Statements, invoices and purchase orders can be quickly printed and then e-mailed to your customer or vendor.
  • Tax Reports
  • E-Filling Sheet auto generated
  • Financial Reports
  • Inventory Reports in various form Like Slow/fast Moving report, Analytical report, Product Wise reports etc


Roles And Rights (Administration Control)

  • Roles can define based on users
  • Like Sales Manager.Allows you to view, reprint receipts, change, copy and void sales. View saved sales, open orders (deposits), layaways, gift certificates and daily sales totals.

Customer Manager :  provides customer income and object history for all locations via the consumer manager. consumer centric operations to make you greater efficient and better capable of serve and promote on your customers.

Client Server Architecture

  • The customer/server software structure is a flexible architecture that improves flexibility and scalability. A client is described as a requester of services and a server is defined because the company of offerings. A unmarried system can be each a patron and a server depending on the software program configuration.
  • FigSoft is extremely solid and maintain records integrity across LAN or WAN or stand on my own.