Customer relationship management (CRM) is a way to deal with dealing with an organization's communication with present and future clients. The client relationship administration approach tries to examinations information about clients' history with an organization, so as to better enhance business associations with clients, particularly concentrating on holding clients, to drive deals development.

FigSoft covers all the basic deals & showcasing elements of your business

Customer and Contact Management
Lead creation (from your web site, marketing campaigns or phone calls)
Opportunity tracking
Service contract management
Dashboard and reporting
Customer and Contact Management
Quote, sales order and invoicing (with online payment)

In only 4 stages, target, fabricate, and send lovely, pertinent messages to your leads and clients that drive activity, then view gathering of people engagement to see what gets their consideration and assemble progressively fruitful future battles. At long last, enable prospect and client confronting groups with engagement data and bits of knowledge to help them better recognize interests and drive new income openings.

Project Management

Make ventures connected with clients or bolster cases. Set venture turning points and appoint assignments to clients or client bunches. As the venture advances, utilize the remark framework and document connection to continue everything together, and en route, monitor advance and late occasions on the outline page.

Customer Portal

Professionalize the client expertise by providing clients with access to a tailored customer portal. Use it to keep up a channel of communication and to share records and files. Customers also can submit client service requests through the portal for additional skilled case management.

Document and File Management

keep and organize files using V-tiger's report management gadget. partner files with possibilities, initiatives, or other facts, and disseminate files directly via emails or from inside V-tiger.

Account & Inventory Management

prepare and preserve tune of your product volumes and offerings, use charge books to set extraordinary pricing regulations for unique client corporations, use purchase orders to region orders for products from associated providers, and ship and track e-price and other payment requests for goods and services.